Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Howdy from Google

Hey everybody,

I sure hope you are listening to Mrs. Braschler and showing her what great kids you are. I am at the home of Google and it is AWESOME!

I will be back really soon with lots to show you.


  1. Ava Caswell8:22 PM

    I am sure U are learning cool things for our class. I am looking forward to seeing U on Oct.2 bye. Ava,Andrew,Alex.

  2. Josie5:14 PM

    Hi Mr.Losik I hope you are learning a lot. You rock!

  3. James Madison knew that two presidents got shot when he was working.

  4. James monroe was shot in the shoulder
    in the revolutionary war.

  5. trisha10:16 AM

    I learned that a man who was running for presedent,Adlai Stevenson had a bow tie for himself.

  6. trisha10:17 AM

    I learned that Harry Truman won for presedent while he was wearing a special kind of underpants.