Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Exploring Michigan Lighthouses

DeTour Point Lighthouse Michigan

Here we go 3rd graders. We are off to explore the lighthouses that ring our state and light the Great Lakes.

Begin by finding the lighthouse you want to study at's Lighthouse page or's "Michigan Lighthouses" page.

If you can't find enough information there, give "The Lighthouses of Michigan" page a look.

Find pictures of your lighthouse by exploring

Photo above from Flickr user BernadetteAnn.

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  1. Taylor3:23 PM

    it is so cool that we are free to do what we want and it was written so close to my birthday.

  2. Abbie3:28 PM

    We have the right to go to school

  3. Cody said hi11:54 AM

    I like that we are free poeple