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Holland Sentinel: Hamilton fifth-graders use video to show leadership skills

Holland Sentinel, May 3, 2012 by Jim Hayden
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Fifth-grader Ki Ekasone had to study his lines and get the timing right for the scene. It isn’t everyday you get to play the bully and shove another student into a locker at Blue Star Elementary School.

“It took a lot of work. It wasn’t easy,” Ekasone said as he shared a slice of pizza with the on-screen victim Tyler Eckert on April 11.

The students helped create “Bullying Talk,” one of the 10 videos for the first-ever I Can Be a Leader Film Festival that reinforced the school’s positive behavior expectations.

“This is a very student-driven production,” said technology teacher Andy Losik who coordinated the project. “They came up with the ideas to make the videos.”

The work began in October when fifth-graders were asked how they could be better leaders and set a positive example for the other students.

The videos showed the correct ways to work on computers in the library, maneuver through hallways and handle playground incidents.

The videos also showed the wrong ways to handle situations, such as what not to do in the bathrooms — “Bathroom Bums” showed what happened when students pull out all the paper towels and make a mess.

“Don’t ever do this!” Losik warned the hundreds of laughing students in kindergarten through fifth grade who sat on the gymnasium floor to watch he films.

After screening the videos, the students were treated to a pizza party.

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