Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cinco De Mayo Study

Learn more about Cinco de Mayo

Before trying to answer any of the questions please read, yes read (all of it) the information about the holiday at Click here for the article.

Please answer the following questions with your partner on a piece of paper.

1. What general led the Mexican forces?
2. What country were the Mexicans fighting?
3. What battle does the Cinco De Mayo remember?
4. What three countries sent troops to Mexico trying to get their money back?
5. What president made a deal with two of the three countries?
6. The French sent 6,500 troops. How many did the Mexicans have?
7. After losing the battle, Napoleon was angry. How many new troops did he send?
8. Who became the new Emperor of Mexico?
9. With help from the U.S., when did the Mexicans finally kick out the new Emperor?
10. How is Cinco De Mayo celebrated today?

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